Ace Tunnel 2.0 VPN APK Download

Ace Tunnel 2.0 VPN APK Download

Ace Tunnel 2.0 VPN APK Download – Ace VPN is a ten-year outdated VPN owned and operated by an American company often called SecureNet LLC.

They cover more than 25 countries with more than 50 servers.

Ace VPN describes its service as fast, secure, and anonymous. That is the holy trinity of VPN ensures. It is what all companies could also be trying to point out.

However, one question is to say that you are the best and another totally different to improve once again.

We put Ace VPN as a doorbell, testing every piece, from usability, haste, leaks, and buyer assistance.

In this Ace VPN overview, we hope to answer three questions. They are fast? Are you sure? And are they really as anonymous as they claim?

Ace VPN Professionals

Ace VPN uses state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption and allows you to choose from a variety of common commercial protocols for a secure network tunnel.

In addition, they will block your public IP, which may relocate you to the nation of your country in an effort to stream your favorite Netflix content materials.

Unlimited torrents are allowed. They help a ton of assorted items. And it was a real pleasure working with customer service.

This is a comprehensive look at what they did correctly.

1. Post-generation encryption and VPN protocols

AceVPN uses the leading commercial 256-bit AES standard. This can be a comparable monetary establishment and military grade hardware trusted by security professionals around the world. So you don’t look at the sphere proper here.

Furthermore, no recognized supercomputer has been able to come remotely close to cracking it. The superior result is a near bulletproof connection.

In addition, they are using IPSEC IKEv2 VPN servers with 384-bit elliptic curve digital signature algorithm. That may be a safe program.

Governments use the elliptical curve for highly secret communications.

AceVPN also provides the OpenVPN protocol to create a secure connection for many buyers. This may be a comparable default protocol used by many of the world’s top VPNs.

However, for many who do not want to use these two options, Ace even offers additional options:

2. One of the four servers that work with Netflix.

One of the many Four servers we examined with Netflix worked as an attraction.

A 25% cost of success would not sound good in the background.

In the day and age we’re chatting, though, where Netflix has cracked down on VPN providers, the reality is that ANY job is a huge asset.

Most VPN companies will say they work with Netflix. For example, AceVPN lists Netflix in its supported business registry as part of its Unblock TV Secure DNS feature.

But that’s where our checks separate fact from fiction.

You will most likely have to do an additional search on AceVPN to find a suitable server, however it is best to look for one last.

3. Torrenting is allowed on the definitive VPN plan on servers outside of the US and UK.

There is no higher approach to transporting massive amounts of knowledge than torrenting.


The good game of Blizzard takes advantage of it to distribute its merchandise. Even social companies like Twitter use it internally to control large information.

However, let’s face it.

Most people consider torrents to get their hands on copyrighted supplies.

This, plus the fact that connecting your machine to a group of strangers leaves you open to all sorts of potential factors.

This is why many VPNs strictly prohibit torrenting to a specific pair of P2P servers, or just don’t allow totally different people to use them in the slightest.

AceVPN used to fully allow torrenting. However, not long ago they did it one more time, blocking torrents and P2P file sharing on their US and UK servers.

As a result of this limitation, they didn’t create our top 10 VPNs for torrenting. However, the fact that they allow it gives them an advantage.

4. Extensive observation report of the admitted elements.

As of 2020, AceVPN helps pretty much any machine you can consider.

Actually, it works on all major desktop and mobile platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. However, it also extends into the realm of good drives, routers, and gaming strategies.

Ace VPN can even be used in:

Desktop PC Methods
PlayStation Recreation Revelations
Xbox recreation reveals
Applications of r

provides an additional day or two of round-trip messages.

You need to attend for someone to respond, comply, and confirm only a few components, and stick to what should be a two-minute dialogue for most of the week.

We wanted to send an email to help AceVPN. However, eight hours later we got a helpful and comprehensive response.

It is a good answer. Not only does it fix my problem, but it also provides instruction links to help better perception.

AceVPN also has a helpful dialogue discussion board, where you can ask questions. They must approve all issues as soon as they are submitted. Once again, I got an unlikely answer.

Greater than.

Ace answered my question and asked for rating questions to help them better perceive what I was looking for.

From a customer service standpoint, this was a success.

7. Tor enter

They allow entry to the TOR browser, which helps add an extra layer of security to your session. TOR has currently been bypassed and many of the VPNs obtained are generally not involved on their servers.

Using a VPN in conjunction with TOR doesn’t just hide your train, it certainly hides that you simply used TOR in the first place.

Bonus components right here!

Cons of Ace VPN

Ace VPN almost delivered with great success.

There was a lot to like about your service.

Sadly, only a few spots began to be seen after we dug underground.

Listed below are some of the biggest drawbacks to consider before signing up.

1. Record minor non-public information

AceVPN states on the main web page of their website that they do not maintain information from their web train.

However, I have only a few perceptual factors, so I made the decision to open up your privacy coverage and see what’s what.

There is a bit about non-public information and the best way it is used. All pretty massive stuff in a post-GDPR world, however, a bit more than we normally feel comfortable sharing with a VPN company that claims they don’t get logged.

To date, nothing about gathering information on your network train.

There it is, clear as day. They do not manage network utilization or bandwidth, however, they keep your information non-public. This shouldn’t be a problem for many who are withholding all the issues that might be on the rise, however in reality some strategy to defeat the goal of nameless web shopping.

The other trigger we’re considering this for, a full-blown handicap is due to the next degree below.

2. US, Five-Eye Jurisdiction

SecureNet LLC, the company that owns AceVPN, is based in the US This poses a potential security downside, both within the US and abroad.

America is a founding member of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance, which shares intelligence on espionage among its friends.

Complicit nations embrace:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Since then, another 9 nations have been added to push this set to 14 recognized partner nations.

What this suggests is that if the US authorities require AceVPN to hand over your information to them, they are required by regulation to take action. So that the information can be legally shared with the governments of all these totally different nations.

AceVPN has an entire web page on their website dedicated to this.

In what they call their official transparency report, which is released quarterly, Ace claims that they have in no way been pressured to adapt to an investigation by the authorities.

As the looming danger of the intelligence alliance looms over your product, it is comforting to see this stage of transparency.

3. Detected leaks

Leaks characterize the final phrase of failure of a VPN. If a signal leak occurs, your ISP will see your IP.

This generally occurs within the DNS and WebRTC leak type.

A DNS leak occurs when the VPN server is completely bypassed as a result of an error. When this happens, you are not notified and may think that you are simply protected. Meanwhile, your ISP has a seat inside the entrance row for your entire train.

WebRTC is undoubtedly very useful, but it certainly wreaks havoc in the VPN world. This service helps / dns-fugatest / – Failed – Handed

No IP, no WebRTC leaks, though:

Fortunately, your configuration information made it to our rating. So you don’t have to worry about malicious packets or potential viruses sneaking around.

4. Reduce network speed by up to 91.3%

There is no VPN

studied by radical pacemaker evaluation. We confirm servers across the EU and US, allowing us to regulate the tempo we are sacrificing throughout the process.

The EU assessments were not the worst we have seen, however they were not just both.

Verification of the EU rhythm:

Ping: 52 ms
Get: 37.25 Mbps (61.5% slower than the 97 Mbps benchmark)
Add: 25.76 Mbps (51% slower than the 53 Mbps benchmark)

However, our overview of the US was a nightmare, with manufacturing speeds plummeting by more than 90%.

Tempo test in USA:

Ping: 253 ms
Get: 8.48 Mbps (91.3% slower than the 97 Mbps benchmark)
Add: 10.58 Mbps (80% slower than the 53 Mbps benchmark)

Out of the 78 VPNs we’ve reviewed, we rate AceVPN’s pace at 64, starting with our rear 10.

It is not a magnificent show.

5. Nightmare setup, failed to place

On paper, I assumed you used to enjoy this VPN.

In reality, all the problems had completely lined up.

After which it was time to really check it out.

And I saw new definitions of the phrase frustration.

To say that the established course of is a nightmare is an understatement.

While most VPNs require a simple click and setup, AceVPN is a multi-step course, downloading a wealth of knowledge, extracting materials from compressed setup content material, copying information to new locations, and more aggravating nonsense.

First, you get the OpenVPN software program. Easy enough, appropriate?

Then you could allow this technique to be operated by an administrator.

Then you may want to get a password file.

Then you may want to get the configuration information and extract it. Then copy them to a single travel spot on your C Drive.

It is then assumed that you have the power to make use of the (final) software program.

I clicked precisely, selected a server and … it didn’t work.

I tried TEN completely different servers and none of them were able to connect.

This comprehensive setup course confirmed that AceVPN shouldn’t be easy to use. It was a horrible experience.

6. One connection at a time

AceVPN has two premium plans. They are premium VPN and remaining VPN. Each contains Safe DNS Unlock TV service for free.

While it can be part of Ace VPN for multiple items, only one can log in at a time. While you want, for example, to place two iPhones at the same time, you will need two paid accounts.

That’s pretty disappointing, as most VPNs will feature three to five connections per license.

The Premium VPN capability can only access servers in the US, UK, and France in 20+ areas, while the remaining VPN has full access to the entire server line, including 26+ countries and more. than 50 locations.

It is worth noting that the servers located in Brazil and Egypt can only be used with the Wise DNS service and do not have VPN support.

AceVPN pricing, plans and options

AceVPN repeatedly asks you not to be fooled by its low prices, due to: “No VPN provider comes close to our service options.”

That said, its value is somewhat extreme.

While there are plans for as little as $ 3.89 for 30 days, that is the downgrade package that is prohibited for fewer servers and does not allow torrenting.

The remaining VPN bundle is the only approach to getting into all of AceVPN’s options. One month of standard service will cost $ 15, which is quite a lot. Many of the high VPNs that we have reviewed will only return you around ~ $ 10 / month.

However, as you earn a dedication pair, the price drops … drastically.

As you can see, 12 months offers you a value of $ 13.75 for 30 days. Three years reduced the value to $ 11.67 for 30 days. Paying more than $ 10 for 30 days for a VPN that has restricted torrenting power is asking a lot.

The above value is for the package

ack guarantee.

However, there could also be a $ 1 processing price in refunds.

Prepared for more than seven days means you can probably say goodbye to your refund. Also, they cannot refund “disputed funds or chargebacks.”

Do we propose Ace VPN?

No we will not.

On paper, I really appreciated your VPN service.

However, there have been too many obvious factors even before I couldn’t get it to work.

I do not like that they report non-public information and their presence within the US is problematic for privacy.

Then there is the rhythm. While you sacrifice 93% of your website’s effectiveness, that can be a serious drawback.

You should have a flawless system so that you can avoid IP leaks,







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