How to Check Who touched my phone?

Our smartphones comprise a considerable amount of private information, be it images or messages and even data from financial institutions. The small device is practically a small protection that you can take with you anywhere. While Android smartphones are good at defending cell phone content by blocking it, there are apps that help go a step further.

Enter “Who touched my cell phone”, a small security app that works on the lock screen. The application is activated every time someone hits the lock screen and keeps a document of valuable and failed unlocks. However, its best operation is its technique of discreetly taking a quick digital camera image each time a deceptive password, pattern or code is entered.

This lets a smartphone owner know who is trying to spy on their system, long after they don’t appear spherical. We only looked at the app for a couple of days and that’s what we predicted.

Organize and configure

Who touched my cell phone or simply, WTMP is a small application that is easy to find and quick to prepare. The app would require you to provide only a few permissions along with the digital camera entry and accessibility entry. As fast as it runs, the app will easily work in conjunction with the lock screen.

However, you can do some tweaking in the settings where you can really configure the variety of unlocks you want before the app connects to your camera. Patiently check all the settings to find the combination that best suits your needs.

Here’s the “Who touched my cell phone?” Utility interface. (Categorical images)

Disable notifications

When you are using the application with Android 10 and 11, the application will display a relentless notification that can remind you at all times that it is full of power in the background. This notification cannot just slide. On the lock screen, the notification will alert any intruder that the digital camera is being used, so they might even be warned to cover the digital camera or maneuver their face away from the viewing screen, therefore exceed the full operation of the application.

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To remove the notification, just long press the notification itself, go to the notification settings of the application by clicking on the small gear icon that appears on the top right. Contained in the middle, turn off all app notifications to prevent the alert from showing at all times.

Turn it off if you don’t need it

WTMP allows you to simply turn off the application with an easy switch to the main screen. Because of this, it is possible to disable all elements of the application screens with a reasonably inexpensive change than having to uninstall the entire configuration.

Trash or moving?

Whoever touched my cell phone does not add any kind of security to their cell phone, however it provides an additional function to the current Android lock screen. It’s best if you can make sure that no one tries to sneak into your cell phone, whether or not you are in the gym, the office, or at a celebration or on a mattress at night. The minimal app can be free, making it a major addition for people who need the feature. Due to this fact, we give WTMP a robust transfer. The application can be downloaded from the Google Play retailer.


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