How to connect Wi-Fi without password

What is Wi-Fi?

How to connect Wi-Fi without password – Wi-Fi is the wireless technology used to connect mobile phones tablets computer smart watches Wi-Fi is radio Signals sent from wireless device to any other device which translate the signal into your data and you to use internet.

The main purpose of Wi-Fi is:

Wi-Fi allow all the local area network (lans) to connect without wiring and without any cable making it a popular choice for home business schools networks Wi-Fi can be used to provide wireless internet access for many modern and upcoming new devices such as laptops smartphones electronic gaming smart gadgets Smartwatch.

Some disadvantages of Wi-Fi

✓ The security of Wi-Fi is weak which can sometime used for hacking purposes.

✓Range, range offered by Wi-Fi networks is limited typically around 150 to 200 feet’s.

✓Cost, compare two word network connection wireless network offers significant advantages in term of cost and Labour especially when installing a new Wi-Fi network you can cut down the expenses in wiring and maintenance a great part of your budget can be used in wiring purposes but the Wi-Fi can save our budget in many companies.

How to connect Wi-Fi without using password

By the way connecting your device to a Wi-Fi rooted is quite easy and fast process follow the following method to connect Wi-Fi router without password easily:

  • Step 1:

First of all check your Wi-Fi rooter that it has a  wPS button or not

  • Step 2:

If yes then begin the process given below

  • Step 3:

Power on your wireless router and find the WPS button and hold that button for 2 seconds

  • Step 4:

Check that WPS light is blinking on your wireless router

  • Step 5:

if you light is blinking then your Wi-Fi router is ready for a wireless connection without password

  • Step 6:

Open your mobile phone navigate settings and open Wi-Fi

  • Step 7:

Go to top corner there will be three dots open WPS push button

  • Step 8:

Wait for few minutes and tell your mobile device will be connected to a Wi-Fi router without password through the instruction given above

If You Wi-Fi is successfully connected without password then let us know in the comment option below we will be glad to hear that you have proceed successfully.

Using a QR code to access your Wi-Fi without password easily

Let’s consider you are a na office and you want to lost have grill devices to connect to your Wi-Fi then use this easy method just get your QR code and all the devices are those need to connect will scan that code and will be connectedi,f you got hessels by writing difficult passwords in same time they gone wrong to connect there is a solution that is QR code scan and connect the Wi-Fi easily.

  • Step 1:

Go to the browser of that computer in which you want to connect your Wi-Fi without putting password

  • Step 2:

Search QR stuff in your browser

  • Step 3:

You will able to see some options on the left side click on the radio button next to the Wi-Fi option.

  • Step 4:

After get enter the network name and your SSID and password they will select the network type from dropdown menu.

  • Step 5:

Then your QR code will be generated print it on a blank piece of paper or take screenshot or picture or directly scan it from your friends mobile there must be option of QR code download it will directly download the code in your storage.

  • Step 6:

Next step is on mobile phone in which you want to connect the Wi-Fi, nowadays some new mobile phones are coming with built in QR codes scanner for Wi-Fi it easy if you got that system, and if not then no problem download any QR code scanning app from Play Store or Apple app store.

  • Step 7:

Put your camera in front of QR code in scan the code it will automatically connect your device with that Wi-Fi.

if you successfully connect with Wi-Fi using a QR code scan. Then let us know in the below comment option we  glad to hear that. If  you face any other probleme Feel-free to ask we will help you.

How to connect wifi if you forget the password.

Lets considered you forgotten the password of your Wi-Fi or you are in office for school or any other place and don’t know the password of available Wi-Fi network follow the following steps to connect successfully

Important note(This article is only for educational purposes don’t use it for any illegal activities )

Yes you can connect all wi-fi without a password this process only works in Android and Windows because this process usually does not works on Apple, Apple ecosystem does not support this process

  • Step 1:

Now a days due to many new technologies launched in the market there are many new apps available on Google Play Store that can allow you to see the password of available Wi-Fi networks.

  • Step 2:

Go to play store and search show  Wi-Fi passwords

  • Step 3:

there will be many similar apps that will allow you to see the password of available Wi-Fi networks download any of them

Open the downloaded app in allow all the permissions to it then open the Wi-Fi and it will start scanning

  • Step 4:

Within 1-2 minutes you will be able to see all the available Wi-Fi physically near to your device and the password will be visible

  • Step 5:

You can simply copy the password of that available network to which you want to connect your mobile phone

  • Step 6:

OpenWi-Fi in new setting navigation in select that network of which you have copied the password paste that password. And connect your device to that internet.

We hope you got some simple steps to connect Wi-Fi without password. If any Austin helps you to connect Wi-Fi without using password. Let us know in the comment option given below.

Sometimes you cannot use that Wi-Fi unlocker app it is due to your mobile manufacturing does not allow your system. To do such operations or something there will be high. Band with technology of the Wi-Fi which you are trying to connect. But in most cases you successfully connect without password.

These were some unleashed methods to connect Wi-Fi.

Thanks for reading.


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