what is a snack video?

HOW TO EARN FROM SNACK VIDEO – snack video is a Chinese app similar to TikTok but it has announced many new ways for earnings let us discuss all the ways in detail

to watch video and earn

snack video offers us to watch videos and earn from it the coin bar at the side will indicate you earnings in coins you can earn almost 300 rs in 7 days bywatching videos only for 15 minutes daily.

refer a friend and earn

Now users can earn just by inviting their friends to snack video and ask them to bind their code and they will get almost 65 rs and as they watch video daily you can earn each day one friend can make you 500rs means 10 friends will equal to 5000rs

but some people don’t know the tricks to invite extra peoples you have to make a video and ask or shoe your warning to people and to impress them and ask them to join snack video and earn extra money and they will bind your code leave you link in the description of the video upload that video on TikTok youtube and snack video also they will generate you higher invites and allow you to pay high

many other events announced daily

many other events like extra bonus on inviting friends  sometimes snack video gives 1000rs by one invite and other events of by helping your friend and earn up to 32000 rs that is a handsome opportunity for you to earn in these days of hardness

earning through creator reward

A big service by snacks video is that it allows us to earn from posting your videos on it those will be of 60 seconds and lesser then that as a video goes viral it will start you earning you can earn a good amoun

t only by one video as higher will be the users like followers and comments higher will be you earning to join this program you have to scroll to your account and there will be creator reward click on that an click join the creator rewards

after accepting their private policies you can be a part of creator reward now next step is to post the videos those bust not be any sexual or harmful content try to choose extra hashtags that will optimise your video an make it goon

the first page and get more likes that will help you to earn more and more each day moe over you can post it on whatsapp groups and get traffic and likes on your posts.

More About Snack Earning

In this process you have to make an affiliate program through which all new users can can be impressed by your earning and also tried to earn but the first step is that you have to refer them means you have to give them your binding code so that they they will bind record and you will get money you will get recorded in snake video that you have invited anyone as much invites you can and earn many more.

One more way is to find new customers is Facebook WhatsApp link and you have to  post that will impress the new users and they will try to install snack video app and start earning which help you to earn.

Withdrawal method of snackvideo.

you can easily withdraw your earning through easypaisa and jazzcash,new method is introduced that is mobile load you can recharge your mobile phones from snake video easily

Let us discuss one by one

First is the easy process which is recommended by snack video because it is faster to you withdraw your money directly into your easypaisa account the minimum withdrawal for new users 25

when someone withdraw Rs 25 then the option of 25 will be erased when you get a new minimum withdraw option that is Rs 50 that means you can only withdraw Rs 25 points and then you have to withdraw Rs 50 minimum the process of withdrawa is that

you  have to open your coins and there will be an withdrawal option click at withdrawa option and select your payment method that is easy paisa and Jazz cash if you have easypaisa account then select easypaisa

and if you have cash cash account then select jazzcash enter username for easypaisa for example my using name is Ahmed Ali so I will put my username  in the place of username and then enter your easypaisa mobile account number

so that you can complete the withdrawal process then third step is to select your amount whether you have to withdraw Rs 50 Rs 200 or Rs 400 for many more sometime Rs 1200 is included but notice you can only withdraw from one snack video account to only one mobile account or jazzcash  this is a private policy of snake video.

The third step is of easy Load your mobile phone directly by snake video you have to open the withdraw option and then select mobile recharge in interview add mobile number in which you have to recharge and then select your mobile operator new update  includes all mobile operator

then select your amount of withdrawal for example if you have want to withdraw Rs 50 you have to select 50 and then proceed to pay you will get a notification that which shows that you can get your recharge within one day some time its take longer but average it takes 2-3 minutes.

Basic information that all users must Know.

remember do not cheat with snake video it is highly Secure System if you try any clone app to use to snake video in one mobile account it will block  you’re both snake video and you will never make a new account in a snake video to a means if you cheat you can be punished as you can never earn from snake with you in that mobile account.

Withdrawal limit of one day is only one time that means you can withdraw only one time in 24 hours and in next 24 hours you can be eligible to withdraw again.


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