How To Earn Money By Watching Videos

How To Earn Money By Watching Videos

ClipClaps is free software for iOS devices and can be found at the app retailer. You will be able to obtain and configure this software if it is 17 years old or older. It is entertaining software that helps you earn passive income while enjoying your mobile device. You will have hours of leisure watching the funniest movies when you earn money.

The application also has informational occasions that can keep you informed and up-to-date on what is happening around you. However, what keeps people coming back and spending hours on the app are the hot movies that keep them laughing and entertained. The more you look, the more scratches you will earn.

It is not troublesome to get lost and wasting your time if you watch the wonderful movies that can be loaded in the application every day. The application is created by Grand Channel Leisure Restricted, which has another leisure software called Channel3. With Channel3, you can be the star of your individual movies and add hours of fun movies for your family and friends to watch. Unfortunately, Channel3 shouldn’t be a paid software like ClipClaps.

How does this work?

This app is only accessible for iOS devices and needs to be downloaded from the app retailer.
You must be 17 years of age or older to obtain and configure this software on your mobile device.

The application has increased cost issues through PayPal and it is now recommended that you simply use your PayPal account to create an account within the software and log in along with your PayPal account.

As soon as you have organized your account, the rest is easy. Start watching all the latest trending movies.
You will earn Clapcoins while watching movies.

Also, the application provides you with completely different bonuses while watching movies. You can win scratch cards. Scratchers can provide you with earnings on the spot on your account or add additional Clapcoins to your account.

How do you earn cash?

Stay entertained by watching all the hot movies the app has to offer. The more you watch, the more Clapcoins you will earn on your account. It is easy to accumulate Clapcoins in your account. Movies are fun and you won’t stop watching them.

Stay up-to-date with the latest information using the app. Learn new occasions, check high information and watch information movies to earn Clapcoins on your account. This can be an option to keep abreast of the latest information while entertaining yourself by watching movies.
Be part of one of the many challenges the app offers.

Each problem will be related to real life occasions and is easy to solve. You have to add completely different movies as a way to participate in one of the many challenges.

If you add the perfect video and get the most applause to your video, you will win one of the many prizes provided by the app.
As you invite your colleagues to place the application using your referral code, you will get additional Clapcoins in your account.The extra claps people give to the movies you uploaded, the extra Clapcoins you’ll earn on your account.

How do you receive a commission?

The application pays its members through PayPal.
You need to hyperlink or log in together with your PayPal account to make sure your cost is in place.
Every 5,000,000 Clapcoins in your account will convert to $ 5.
You have 10,000,000 Clapcoins in your account to get $ 10 in your PayPal account.
There is a flat fee of $ 0.25 that is charged if you withdraw the cash. You will get $ 9.75 in your PayPal account.
You can also redeem your Clapcoins for an Amazon reward card or different merchandise that the applicant has.


This can be official software that can pay you to watch movies, add movies, and be a part of completely different challenges. In addition, you will earn extra money if you display the phrase and invite your family and friends to place the application. It’s easy to rack up Clapcoins because the movies will keep you entertained for hours at the end.

The company that created this application has another application called Channel3 that you must use. This app doesn’t pay you, however it is a nice app that can allow you to add all kinds of private movies of yourself and add tons of different stickers to the movies. If you are looking for a nice option to earn passive income online then give this app a try. It gives you hours of leisure and it will pay you to watch completely different movies.

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