KPNTunnel Revolution VPN Apk

What is KPNTunnel’s “Revolution” trip / sequence / model?

> Enterprise repeatedly with additional experiments and a new lightweight modern business dummy for KPN Tunnel (official).
> Pure writing from scratch for better core effectiveness and a lighter dummy.
> First tunnel software that uses a built-in SSH tunnel over an SSL / TLS connection. (Why? I know that SSH Tunneling is secure, however we hope it is not enough, so we add a more secure method with the SSL / TLS connection.) You can see how to use SSH Tunnel over SSL / TLS in “About” of this software.

KPN Tunnel Revolution Official 1.4 APK Options

+ Direct proxy. (Tunneling by SSH Tunnel On to the SSH server).
+ Direct SSL / TLS. (Tunneling by SSH Tunnel On to the SSH server using an SSL / TLS connection).
+ HTTP proxy. (Tunneling by SSH Tunnel over HTTP Proxy)
+ SSL / TLS proxy. (Tunneling by SSH Tunnel over SSL / TLS Proxy).
+ SSL / TLS proxy> HTTP proxy. (Tunneling by SSH Tunnel with TLS / SSL over HTTP Proxy).
+ many extras …

Errors / Problem?

– Android 4.Zero Solely only supports TLSv1 and SSLv3 (Android system), so your TLS / SSL server must use / allow TLSv1 and SSLv3.
– Android 4.1-4.2 TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 are generally not enabled by the default system like Android 5.0+, so we add emphasis to allow TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 for a more secure substitute.
– When you discover completely different difficulties / errors, please contact me.

Would you like a rooted system?

> Some options are required similar to:
+ VPN Tether (bypass all Hotspot Tether through Vpn interface).
+ and we’ll add additional options shortly.

* SSH + SSL server requirement:
+ If you are using TLS / SSL mode, you can configure and configure the stunnel4 library. You will get the distinctive stunnel4 library at
+ You can search for “how are you going to configure / configure stunnel4” in serps such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. in your work system used by your private digital server (VPS).
+ In “Direct TLS / SSL” and “TLS / SSL Proxy> HTTP Proxy” proxy classification mode, configure stunnel to bind to the ssh server port (dropbear / openssh).
+ In “Proxy TLS / SSL” proxy classification mode, configure Stunnel to connect to Squid port.
+ In fact, we help enable all TLS and SSL protocol fads to keep supporting Android 4.Zero until newer, why? See problem / errors above.

* TLS / SSL Shopper Aspect (KPNTunnel Revolution app):

+ We use the TLS / SSL Socket method using TrustAll Cert (X509 Certificates), so you don’t need a client key or SSL server certificates. I know this method is much less secure, so in various alternative ways we can add the important and user assistance certificates to get a more secure connection.

What’s new in KPNTunnel Revolution 1.Four Android APK

* What have you ever gathered?
+ Most essential protected thread.
+ Interface callback.
+ Submit the job with the newest software.
+ Minor and additional bugs.

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