Top 2 WhatsApp Online Tracker App

Top 2 WhatsApp Online Tracker App Recording our life moments in real time has become easy with the advent of a plethora of applications. The latest in this lot is WhatsApp, which has created a huge hype in the market.

WhatsApp is basically a platform used to send messages, share videos, images etc. to people in your contact list. The application is available for both android and iOS users free. But, what if you have someone who has switched off his/her mobile device for a few hours, and you still want to know what’s going on?

As the saying goes, “curiosity killed the cat,” but it also serves as an excellent motivator once your cat is missing. You can know what your friends are up to by spying on their WhatsApp chats and tracking their activities on WhatsApp even if they are not online. If you are technologically advanced, then here is one simple step you can take.

What is WhatsApp tracker?

”A very convenient platform that allows you to check/ monitor WhatsApp activities. It is completely safe and secure to track and monitor your loved one’s.” You can track just in few seconds at your location.

There are millions of people in the world are using WhatsApp due to its safety and convince. But there is also an alarming situation due to suspicious social media activities of your child.

You need to fully aware of what’s going on around you, If you want to protect your family, especially your children, from any unnecessary harm.

WhatsApp is one of the most used social networking platforms available. In other applications, one thing You should remember that is! There is no such a way to track or locate someone/someone’s WhatsApp account without knowing them. But With the latest WhatsApp Tracker app, that is now possible.

If you are looking for a tool to monitor WhatsApp chats, then your search just got over! Track WhatsApp Chats today through our app and location tracker!

While it may seem Impossible to track WhatsApp chats, there is a way to do it through an App called ”WhatsApp tracker”. This app will allow you to track mobile devices without them ever knowing it is happening. The app will allow you to track a phone through the internet, even if you cannot locate it through Bluetooth or GPS.

Now, first we Discuss

WhatsApp key features which make WhatsApp loved one among others:

  • You can find whatever and whomever you want on WhatsApp
    Find friends and family anywhere in the world
  • Find friends and family anywhere in the world.
  • Make your life easier
    We help you know what is happening with your family, friends and business.
  • free WhatsApp tracker allows you to track any phone number
    With free WhatsApp tracker, you can easily check the history of your children’s online activities.

Spy WhatsApp now is a simple way to spy on anyone using the most popular instant messaging service in the world.
WhatsApp Tracker is the latest and best way to track all WhatsApp activities for Android users. The app allows you to monitor your kids’ WhatsApp activities, as well as to track all your employees’ activities in any workplace.
Written with clear user interface, the app gives you complete control over your kids’ WhatsApp activities with a professional and comprehensive child monitoring solution.

Top Functions:
-This app allows you to know if your spouse is cheating on you with the other person.
– Monitor WhatsApp conversations, contacts and groups
– Find friends using Facebook or Instagram and track them on WhatsApp.
– Monitor calls, text messages and websites visited
– Spy on social media activities including Facebook, Twitter and more
-App tracking, know who is using your app, know who is interested in your app.

WhatsApp Tracker works best for tracking kids and employees every activity in their smartphone. It is also the best way to spy your spouse or partner’s WhatsApp chats. This app will give you 100% undetectable result and our 24/7 support will guide and assist you in case of any issues.

WhatsApp Spy lets you:

  1. you can monitor his/her cell phone without realizing.
  2. you can view chat history.
  3. you can check shared files, images, personal chats and groups too.
  4. WhatsApp tracker can not be detected by any security system.
  5. you can see WhatsApp incoming outgoing messages in a non- rooted device.
  6. you can track WhatsApp chats remotely.
  7. View the Last Seen of a contact (only on Android).
  8. Get a list of all WhatsApp Chats in your Phone.
  9. View and copy the entire Chat and its history.
  10. Send secret messages to any Contact, see the time when it was viewed.
  11. Get a complete history of GPS locations from the target device.
  12. Use all hidden features for free through this WhatsApp tracker app.

Now you can easily monitor your children’s behavior.

WhatsApp Chats Tracker & Messages – How can you track someone on WhatsApp?

This is how it works: You can sign in to the app and then enter the telephone number that you wish to track. Next, click the Start button and wait for the green light that indicates that the app has started tracking. When you are ready, click the button labeled Receive Status and select Retrieve.
The app will send you a notification every time your device sends or receives information from a third party device. Fortunately, this app does not cost anything.

To track the activity you need to install WhatsApp tracker by spy WhatsApp in your smartphone, it works very well with all smartphones.

Both the applications spy WhatsApp or WhatsApp tracker are the same, you can be use anyone for tracking. There may be some difference in functionality in their functions, but they both perform their primary function best. The main difference in WhatsApp tracker and spy Application is a tracker records data from smartphone without effecting its behavior and functions.


WhatsApp Tracker for iPhone and WhatsApp for PC
The latest version of WhatsApp for PC is 3.16.5. You can install it from You will get all the features to all the messages, the calls, the videos, and all the other things from your iPhone.


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